I suffer from migraines; even before I became pregnant with my third child. 18 months ago my doctor prescribed 5/500 hydrocodone for my severe headaches during my pregnancy. I still suffer from migraines especially before and after my monthly period (I tried several different birth controls). There are times when my scalp hurts at the ends of every strand of hair.

I don’t want to take the hydrocodone anymore. However there is the addiction to deal with. I started taking Motrin 800 mg tablets daily instead. However I can feel the headache pulse in the back of my head. So I take the 5/500 tab.

I don’t want to be the cry baby with a heating pad in a dark room away from my family ether. I can go through weeks at a time where I do not want the drug in my body and then there are weeks when I do need it. I admit I jump the gun and take the 5/500 tab when I get worried that a migraine "might be" coming along. I can feel it. How do I know that it could be just a withdraw symptom?

How long will the “withdraws” last when I go cold turkey? What should I do if I fail? How can I get over the fear that my headache will turn into a migraine? Yes, I have talked to my doctor and even requested a referral to a hormone specialist but was not provided with the referral. I have lost faith in my doctor.

I have tried different migraine medications and still have not found one that works for me. Can not taking the 5/500 tab cause additional headaches? I’m just so frustrated with Migraines! I am 35. I pray that the older I get the migraines will just go away. Is it ok to take a Motrin 800 tab and a 5/500 tab with in a few hours a part?