This is the first time in a very long time I have come back to answer a question, but I wanted to give you and everyone else out their suffering the way you and many others are some glimmer of hope. 
I want to keep this short and to the point, and if anyone needs to talk more about this just ket me know. I had to in the end take matters in my own hands as I was getting so 
drained from all the hospital stays and visits. I have a saying I would tell anyone that asked me how are things going. I got so fed up with people saying well you look ok, and in my frustration I would say to them I am just so so so fed up of just exciting, and just want to live my life again.
Then they would listen to me and see how frustrated my life had become.

so what I have done since last year is a trip to the Diamond headache clinic in Chicago, which wasn't a success. But if you like taking lots of medications, you would be ok their. I was looking for a cause not to mask the situation. 
Then May of this year I went to a clinic in Michigan, and the drug that seemed to work for me at the end of my 2 1/2 week stay was IV Magnesium. We tried a lot of different drugs, but what I liked about this place, if the drug they tried on you didn't work at all it was stopped very quickly., then another drug from a list you could try next was then introduced. 
Their and I said I would keep this short, the IV Magnesium is so worth a try if anyone has not tried it. The tablet form, does not work the same for me. 
But don't forget what might work for one, chances are it might not work in the same way as it did for me. Is it worth a try, of cause it is!!
I am still having headaches but the Magnesium hepls bring my oain level down to a 3/10, which for 2-3 years of trying is a great number for me.
buy for now Liz.