Hello! I'm wondering if anyone else with migraines has tried Petadolex (butterbur extract) or feverfew for migraines? And if so if it helped or not. And also if you had any side effects from either. My neurologist recommended the petadolex to me, feverfew I just read can help from googling. And just wondering if anyone else has had exeperience with either.
Also if anyone has found any other non-prescription stuff effective.

Or if anyone has taken any prescription preventative medications that do not have weight gain as a possible side effect aside from topamax? I cannot take topomax and last time I talked to my neurologist she said that every other preventative migraine medication can cause weight gain. I am not willing to take anything else that causes weight gain right now. Actually at that time she prescribed nortriptyline which was supposed to, according to her, have the least risk of weight gain. I gained about 20lbs and it didn't help with my migraines at all either.

A little background on me and migraines:
I've been getting chronic migraines since I was about 10 years old. I've tried a variety of medications for it. For a long time I was on hormonal birth control continuously and that helped a lot since hormone changes seem to trigger migraines for me. But over a year ago I had to stop hbc. When I was first diagnosed with migraines a doctor prescribed zoloft as a preventative. I don't remember that helping though. I've also tried topamax, which didn't help, had terrible side effects (and now, according to my neurologist, I couldn't take also due to my history of kidney stones.) I currently take nadolol as a preventative, which was somewhat effective when I started it, but my migraines are getting more frequent again despite it. Obviously I have also tried nortriptyline.
For abortive meds I've treid everything OTC and imitrex. Currently taking maxalt + an OTC painkiller which is fairly effective the only big problem is my insurance doesn't cover enough pills of that or how frequent my migraines have been.

So just trying to get some feedback from other folks with migraines about possible things to try from here