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Migraine Prevention - I have ocular migraines any thing I can take fot them? Joan?

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suzanne66 3 Dec 2009

What are your symptoms? Do you get visual disturbances with or without headache pain?

Generally, ocular migraines are considered harmless. Usually they are painless, cause no permanent visual or brain damage and do not require treatment.

Treatment options are available if you suffer pain.

grandma67 3 Dec 2009

visual disturbances sometimes a headache afterwards. problem is you never know when it's going to occur espically when your driving that's what upsets me.

hertsandbucks 6 Dec 2009

i take medication from my GP on some occasions but to prevent a migraine if i get visual distrubances such as patterns in front of my eyes or colour blotches i take paracetamol 500mg x 2. that seems to stop it. prevents it before the headache really begins. I also use forehead that i rub on my forehead and i find the cool feel and the odour of the forehead helps to prevent a migraine. free discount card

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