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Migraine Prevention - is baclofen good for headaches?

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DzooBaby 24 Jan 2013

Baclofen is for muscle spasm. If the headaches are from severe muscle tension then baclofen may help. Baclofen is not indicated for headaches though. It would be more of an "off label" use.

butterflylynn 25 Jan 2013

Baclofen is good if you have Tension migraines as it will help the muscles relax in your neck. By doing this it will help prevent you from getting a migraine.
I have been on Baclofen for muscle tension & spasms for about 7 yrs & it works great.
Best of luck. Kathy

ukliz 25 Jan 2013

Hi, I tried Baclofen and it nothing for my Migraines and it made me really dizzy and see things that were not their so this drug was stopped real quick. But their are a lot that haven't worked for me, in the past. The only thing to do is to try these different drugs and hope one or a combination of drugs will help. I find taking Flexeril 10 mg once a day (cyclobenzaprine), works better for relaxing the muscles, it does say take 3 a day but one might be enough in your case also. The down side you should only take this drug for a few weeks at a time, plus you need to take some Omeprazole 20mg once a day (Prilosec), to protect the lining of your stomach from the acid. I think you will make your own mind up as to which drug your going to try, reading about these drugs can be a bit off putting but I always ask for the lowest dose to start with. Good luck to you and I really hope you find something to help with those nasty Migraines, Liz. free discount card

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