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Migraine History.Can I get a migraine headache from quitting smoking using Nicorette lozenges?

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Cush 7 Feb 2012

One specific yes or no I believe is not possible as everyone is so very defferent. One thing that might help only if you've experince our friend migraine previously is to monitor the barometric pressure. As the barometer dips and rises so too does migraine syndrome. I've had migraine since before the age of 10 years old the experts only stare into the distance whenever I share they will not admit to what they do not know. The other thing you might consider is to break down the ingredients of the Nicorette product because there are many chemicals and or quit sesation products that bring they're own problems with them. Also if these companies listed each and every side effect there would be only a few purchasing their product.

mograce1 8 Feb 2012

Thanks Good Advice,Maureen

Inactive 7 Feb 2012

Hi mograce, & welcome to the site. I as a previous smoker & migraine sufferer, would tend to think as long as you are still getting nicotene, if you believe it aggravated your migraines, it's possible it may also. It is a stimulant that goes thru your blood stream. All you can do is try it & see. It may have been the actual smoke that was causing your headache to be worse. My hubby quit smoking too, & is now so addicted to the lozenges he needs to start smoking to quit the lozenges! Ha! Don't let that happen to you. He started on the gum first. I tried the patches, but they were so strong they made me nauseous. I used 1/2 a patch the second day & then just threw them away.It's only as hard as you let it be if you are determined to quit. Good luck...

Inactive 7 Feb 2012

Hi mograce,when I quit smoking I had terrible headaches!just my experience but it would not surprise me if the withdrawal causes this problem,just a thought... c

shopgirlly 20 Feb 2012

I wonder how your quitting smoking is going. I have tried and do want to quit. I did get horrible headaches when I tried to quit smoking. The headaches probably would have subsided eventually but it was too bad for me so I gave up on quitting smoking. Need to try again this year. Good luck to you!

shopgirlly 29 Feb 2012

I'm in the same boat with you! Gave up after a migraine/headache lasted 9 hours. Hope both us of can beat it soon! free discount card

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