... so my migraines started 4 years ago as a result from a sports injury. Since then, I've been in almost constant pain. I am now on three different preventative medications that don't seem to be doing anything. I just stopped doing the Botox injections, because I had been receiving the for over a year and a half and they were making my migraines worse. I've been prescribed well over a dozen pain relief medications, none of which have worked. I had to leave school and quit my job because I'm in so much pain. I can barely leave my house. The only medication that was bringing me any relief hydrocodone-acetaminophen. But my new Neurologist no longer wants to prescribe it for me because of my age. I feel like she's not listening to me. I can't sleep because I'm in so much pain. And I burst into tears throughout the day because it hurts so bad. I've also asked her to refer me to a pain specialist and she won't. I don't know what to do, I'm 22 and these migraines have disabled me. Can somebody please help me?