Hi, I'm new to the group.

I have suffered on and off from migraines and tension headaches (or a combo of both) for a very long time. I had one doctor helpfully advise me to just "get rid of the tension." Pain makes me extremely nauseous - especially migraines. I had a bad spell where I was vomiting so severely that I broke three ribs.I took midrin a long time ago, I think it helped some, I don't really remember but I guess they don't make it anymore. I have a high degree of stress an AM extremely tense in my whole neck, back, shoulders... etc. I also have several bulged discs in my c-spine and chronic pain issues in my back. The migraines a Soooo bad again. I'm on antidepressants already, pain meds (going to see new Pain Doc soon to get on the proper stuff). I take a bunch of medications already and have been on or am on a lot of the meds this site lists. I'm back in PT where my neck has been worked on a lot. I also have TMJ and clench my teeth. I'm trying more relaxation exercises for my jaw, using heat on my neck and ice on my eyes, dark rooms... blah blah. I have severe stomach problems, so I'm on nausea meds and because of my stomach, my primary won't allow me to take NSAIDS. She gave me a steroid pack to help with the inflammation. However, they are so bad and you know that you become useless and debilitated until they subside.
Because of my meds and physical issues, I'm not sure what to do. Do I discuss it with my new Pain doc? I don't want to take the steroids, I'm on a variety of meds and I know the neck therapy is very necessary (also I cannot just get rid of the tension/stress).
Any suggestions??