I normally had 10 mg included with my Benlysta infusion, but Rhu. upped it to 100 mg. Is this okay to take every 4 wks and what might I expect? I have been on Benlysta for 4 yrs now and mainly go thru the pain of it all as I have more energy and less pain(s). I LOVE that my headaches are 80-90% better. I am 62 yrs and lost my left kidney to SLE when i was 15 yrs of age. Doctors didn't label my illness as Lupus until 1995 and in 1996 I started on plaquenil 200 mg once a day and have been on it ever since. I must take the brand name only or my stomach is even more upset and with more gas. :( My insurance is billed $15,000. per infusion and my co pay can be as high as $750.00 which I find appalling for healthcare here in the USA.Thank you for any insight and your stories too. woodsaz