My grandmother is in her mid fifties. Even as I was growing up she would often accuse me of moving things, or telling me what I was thinking. Now that she's remarried her first husband and moved out of state, she had been saying she was hearing things. Then it turned to voices on recorders and speakers he had hidden around the house. She has a few major health issues, and she began to blame him. He's a cook, so he was "messing with her food". Five years later she's pulled a knife on him and now he doesn't come to the house anymore. She gets very upset when people hint to he losing it. Her second husband recently mentioned her doing that to him back when they were married and I was little. From what I know, it doesn't quite sound like scitso... (I can't spell). Whatever it is, I know something I'd going on, and it's been there for years. What might it be??