A couple of months ago, I noticed that my gums were bleeding a LOT, my nose would bleed when irritated, & I would spot after intercourse. Also, it seemed to take way too long to stop bleeding when I would nick myself while shaving, & I was still bleeding quite heavily even 10 hours after attempting to donate plasma. So much so that my husband had to frantically make a tourniquet in order to keep me from bleeding out. I went to the ER & they said that my platelets weren't functioning properly because it took 16 minutes for me to even start clotting during a bleed test. They referred me to a hemotologist that I couldn't afford, so I followed up with the local clinic, who then sent me to a lab to have 7 viles of blood drawn for a variety of mostly hepatic related tests 1 week ago, today.
My symptoms also included dizziness, fatigue (I'm tired ALL of the time, & when I sleep, I don't think I ever rest), headaches (which are likely due to a recovering neck fracture from a year ago), heavy periods, possible blood in my stools, &, most recently, pain in my joints, like wrists, hips, knees, & shoulders.
Since yesterday, I noticed that my lymph nodes in my throat were beginning to swell, primarily on the left, & over night, my throat started to feel sore (ironically mostly on the right). I looked at my throat & tonsils in the mirror w/ a flash light, & was surprised to see that they were very white & splotchy, but not quite like pus pockets, indicative of strep, except maybe in a couple of hard to see places. But I did notice something very weird that, honestly, alarmed me to the point of feeling pretty freaked out & wanting some sort of answer or advice, ASAP... Somewhat in the middle of my right tonsil, there appears to be a small hole, or something, about the size of a #2 pencil lead. Inside of the hole was white, & around the hole, I guess was a small amount of puffiness. Last time I attempted to look in my throat, my tonsils were beginning to appear red around the white splotches, but still weren't all that swollen, yet.. I have been developing a bit of a headache, &, as the day has progressed, so has an overall achy & lethargic feeling.
My concern about this is mostly due to the fact that I haven't actually caught any kind of bug or been sick with anything more than basic allergies & sinusitis, or minor food poisoning, in quite a long time... Pretty much ever since I stopped taking antibiotics over every little sniffle, & stopped using antibacterial everything, everywhere (of course, I wash my hands & clean my house, I've just learned that natural antibodies develop best with exposure rather than prevention.) Unorthodox, I know, but it's worked, quite well, until now.
Could the 2 actually be related? In other words, if I'm getting sick, could it be because of whatever it is that's affecting my blood? Or could whatever it is that is going on with my throat actually be a direct symptom of the bleeding/clotting issue?
It's hard to not be worried. I'm adopted, so I have no idea what my family's medical history contains, except for the disorders that have been present in my own children, which ranges from autism to a very rare form of muscular dystrophy.
Please help! I don't even know what could be relevant anymore!