I am a chronic migraine sufferer, I've been getting migraines for 18 years now. Back in the day, I was on Midrin for migraines, and it was the first medication in a long line of trial and error that worked for my migraines. Prior to Midrin, I had tried Maxalt, Zomig, Relpax, Imitrex, and codeine with Tylenol. I loved the Midrin, and the bonus was that not only did it get rid of my migraines, but I was also able to work and do everything as normal - which is not the case with some of the other heavy meds they tried me on for migraines. After Midrin was taken off the market I was eventually switched to a combination of other medications (Fioricet and Toradol pills), which only works about 85% of the time, and with the Toradol I worry about the effect it could have on my kidneys.

My question is: Has anyone that used to have great success with Midrin for migraines switched to Prodrin and seen good results as far as migraines go?

I am thinking about asking my doctor about Prodrin (as I just found out that it is close to Midrin in chemical makeup) but if it doesn't work very well then I may as well stick with what I am already doing. Thanks in advance.