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Midol Extended Relief - Midol stays away from NSAIDS, right?

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Delila 15 Apr 2013

Sorry, i'm a bit confused? Are you asking if you should stay away from NSAID's? If so, i've checked for interactions against Ibuprofen and Aspirin and no problems.

kaismama 15 Apr 2013

I haven't needed it for years but when I took it it had aspirin in it. If it still does aspirin is an Nsaid

kaismama 15 Apr 2013

I looked it up. It has tylenol, caffeine and pyrilimine (an antihistamine)

bestpup 15 Apr 2013

I was confirming the ibuprofen in the midol for another gal. I cannot take ibuprofen because it's an NSAID. The gal did ask the question why am I bleeding so much? I knew why she was bleeding so much. And I told her it was the ibuprofen in the midol that was making her bleed extra. I was just looking for another friend to back me up.

PurpleButterfies 15 Apr 2013

Sorry but Midol DOES HAVE NSAIDS, ibuprofen & naproxen, in some of their formulations.

DzooBaby 15 Apr 2013

Midol Extended Relief contains naproxen which IS an NSAID. free discount card

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