I have questions for people who suffer from POTS or LOW Blood pressure. I have low blood pressure esp. in the heat and humid weather and I live in FL. I have a high heart rate at rest sitting ranges 95-100 at complete rest in bed in the 70s.I have trouble walking and get frequent vertigo dizzy spells unbalance.I also have had troubles at night waking up with heart rate of 165 and dizzy and blindness. Possibly from severe low blood pressure. I am also normally around 110/60's 70's 80's and 100/80 when I feel ill. I have been told I may be having TIAs I am confused about the diagnosis since i have not had a solid diagnosis but feel it may be POTS.Anyone suffering from POTS that can advise me please post here.I just started this medication Midodrine and hope I can get my life back.