This is my first month using Microgestin Fe 1/20, and starting Thursday I stopped taking my pills because I reached the end of my pack by Wednesday night. I take my pill at 10:25 sharp everyday, so on Wednesday night I was confused as to how this whole period thing will work on my week off of pills. I also had sore boobs for a couple days before, i took it as my body still adjusting to the cycle. On Thursday I experienced mild cramping and spotting, but i felt like I would before I was on birth control before I would get my period. So come Friday morning I had very heavy period cramping, like the kind I would get before bc. I would only use panty liners because my period wasn't SUPER heavy like it would have been, before birth control, but there was always plenty leaking through my panty liner. When I wiped (sorry if TMI) there was red blood, but on the liner the blood was dark brown with occasional red. This continued on all day, I changed pads a couple times. It was just like a regular period, except my flow was a tad lighter but still heavy and there was mainly only dark brown blood. Friday was very similar, my flow seemed a little heavier though as well as cramps early on in the day. I'm just wondering if it's normal to have dark brown blood instead of red blood on your period on BC? What does it mean, is it anything to be concerned about? Sorry for posting!