... last pill in my pack before my placebo pills start, so I took it the next day. My period, which is usually very normal, never came. I did have some light spotting for 2 days, in which at one point it was very thick and dark. During that week of placebo pills, I had unprotected sex. I always put things off to the last minute (shame on me), so naturally I waited to the last minute to refill my prescription. I actually waited too long. I should have started my new pack Sunday, but I called it in on Monday thinking I'd just take two pills Monday night. Bad news, I'm out of refills and they need to fax the doctor, and the pharmacy closes before I ever hear back as to whether or not the doctor approved the refill. So, now I have 3 concerns: 1. Could I be pregnant since I only spotted when I usually have a normal period (I actually usually have a heavy period)? 2. Could I have gotten pregnant just this last week due to my missed pills? And 3. Should I refrain from taking pills just in case I am pregnant, or go ahead and start my new pack once it comes in? I promise I'm usually much better with my pills. Thanks for any advice!