I have been on Microgestin for almost 6 months now and for the past two months I have been skipping my sugar pills to go straight onto the next pack. I was wanting to start my withdrawal bleeding this past week so I didnt take my Thursday pill so I could enter the sugar pill week on that day. but then on Friday decided against starting the withdrawal bleeding and so I took two pills on Friday. I accidentally missed my Saturday pill by about 4 hours because I was out and had sex on that day (sex was before i remembered to take the pill). Today, monday, I seem to have maybe two drops of brown blood and am experiencing some cramping. Could this spotting possibly be implantation bleeding? I know that you can also have spotting when you skip the sugar pills but the cramping and late pill is what is raising red flags for me.

Additionally, I am just confused about how this Microgestin pill works. On the regular cyclical birth control with different levels of hormones each week it makes more sense to me why it would be safe to have sex on the week of sugarpills, because the hormones have made it so that no ovulation could occur then. However, on the microgestin pills since the hormone in each pill is the same and the sugar pills dont have any what makes the week of sugarpills any different from just missing your pill for 7 days? If just taking the pill for 3 weeks straight protects you from pregnancy for 7 whole days then why the emphasis on never missing a pill for one day?

Seperately, I understand that withdrawal bleeding is not the same as having your period. Is it possible to ovulate during your withdrawal bleeding? And does that mean you are at risk of pregnancy during the withdrawal bleeding? Is it possible to have withdrawal bleeding if you are on the pill but unknowingly pregnant?

Please help!