I've been on Microgestin Fe 1/20 for awhile now (Maybe about 3 months) and last night, for the first time, my boyfriend 'came' inside me on accident. I am due to take my first brown pill tomorrow, which should mean I am due to start my period. I am a total worrier and I was actually scared I was pregnant even before last night due to only having my period last one day on my last pack of pills (And oddly, when I started that pack I was continuing a period about a week or 2 after I was supposed to be off during my active pills.) I just want to be reassured I can not get pregnant even if he came inside me. I regretfully don't always take the pills the same time everyday (I've been told it does matter, and doesn't so I'm kind of confused,) but I do take them every single day and haven't missed a single one. Feedback would be great! Thanks!