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Microgestin Fe 1/20 - has anyone ever gotten pregnant while taking microgestin BC correctly???

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DzooBaby 13 Jun 2014

It can happen but chances are very slim if she is taking it absolutely correctly. Less than 1% chance if taking it perfectly and 5-8% chance if taking it typically (missing occasionally or being late) Usually it is due to user error and either not taking them correctly or not using back up when appropriate. When a woman misses a pill, back up (condoms and spermicide) should be used for seven days in case the missed pill allowed ovulation to occur. One of the biggest reasons for contraceptive failure with the Pill is not using back up when taking antibiotics. Antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the Pill and pregnancy is possible. Some women even have breakthrough bleeding as a result of the decrease in hormones form taking antibiotics. Back up condoms and spermicide should be used the entire time one is on antibiotics and for seven days after the course is finished to avoid accidental pregnancy. There are a few other drugs that interfere with birth control so all Drs need to be aware that you take birth control and always ask your pharmacist if any drug may interfere with BCP's.

ens1230 13 Oct 2014

Yes, I never missed a pill and was never off by more than 30 minutes and after 6 months I ended up pregnant with identical twins.

Mimiii 6 Mar 2018

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