So, I took my daughter to pick up her prescribed 3-month supply (270) of her narcotic (Tylenol #4/Teva Brand) and since 7/3, the pharmacy is pushing another non-working brand. She transferred it to another pharmacy only to get mapped (yes, she does have two other doctors and gets 60 from them at different times). Yes, I know that she needs help however, you can't make a grown person do anything. After we left the transferring pharmacy, she called the pharmacist, asked when they could be released and they said that they would have to call her doctor on Monday. She asked them not to and because she was late for work, she informed the doctor that she would bring her other meds (Lupus & Fibromyalgia) and the Pharmacist said that they could fill those but not the Tylenol. She is so worried and began crying because she really DOES NEED her Rheumatologist, not those others. I told her not to worry and just go to another pharmacy but after that, just don't keep going to her other doctors! She has an appointment tomorrow (Monday) morning and I suggested that she print out the b#!%$#t that her actual pharmacy is trying to push (she says the brand doesn't work) and ask for a paper prescription along with 2-3 of her other meds and just go somewhere else. However, not to Walgreen's because, I have read that they have this secret list that they are now using (please Google it). She has Medicare but not for prescription coverage because she pays out of pocket and itemizes on her taxes. She has been offered Medicaid (prescription only) but has turned it down... She is not a fan of the entire Medicaid System and the stigma associated. That's another story. At any rate, I am asking as a mother. I know that people are tracked all the time but I just want her to calm down. She is now thinking that she may go to prison.

Flint Michigan WORRIED MOM!