... metronidazole who experience severe unpleasant taste reaction to the drug which often results in an inability to finish the prescribed term of effective treatment. My wife has been on the drug for 5days and has about reached her breaking point from the metallic taste of the medication; so for today's medication ingestion she tried it in a spoonful of peanut butter which masked the metallic taste allowing her to swallow the medication without event. Naturally if you are allergic to peanuts this is not for you which means experimentation with different types of food stuffs will be necessary; but the point made here is there is a natural relief to the severly distasteful side effect through searching with persistence. Since my wife has five more days of medicating to complete she will be employing peanut butter the rest of the way to make the rest of the oral doses much easier to get through. Our pharmacist has assured us metronidazole is the best choice available to treat her diverticulitis and she should tough out the total treatment.
It is also advisable when taking this drug orally to ingest active culture yogurt during and after treatment is completed as the drug kills good bacteria along with the bad in the digestive system. Failing to address the digestive system with replacement good bacteria in some form may extend the recovery period unnecessarily. Proactive cultured yogurt is an inexpensive way to do this.
The reason this post has been created is the inability of professionals to adequately advise patients for their greatest comfort in administration of a known difficult drug taken orally most likely because warning of the reality of the adverse taste side effects most likely results in negative patient acceptance and refusal to take the drug as prescribed.
This post in no way advises against professional choice of metronidazole unless a better choice of medication is available. This question should be asked of the prescribing individual before choosing metronidazole as the best course of treatment.