So , after taking Azithromycin for Chlamydia , I noticed yellow discharge everyday . The doctor couldn't even test me for BV or Trich , because I had a little blood leftover still from my period .. So he just gave me Flagyl 500 mg twice a day for 7 days .. On the bottle it says Metronidazole . And the tablets say "Pliva 334" . Anyone else have this version ?

I started it yesterday .8:26 Am , again 8:27 Pm , and this morning at 8:27 AM . The left over blood from my period was still coming out yesterday , so I couldn't see if I had yellow discharge , and today I noticed no blood , just yellow discharge , so I hope the yellow discharge goes away !

Any of you who took the 500 mg twice a day for 7 days , when did your symptoms start subsiding ? Ive been reading on here , some people by the second day , 3rd day or 4th day so I guess I have to be patient !

I take it with food , and only feel tired so far , and vaguely dizzy here and there and a slight headache that goes away quickly right after I take the doze. I hope the pill is working as I haven't seemed to be getting the harsh side effects everyone else is talking about .

Is there certain foods I shouldn't eat with it ? Ive been reading there's certain foods that make the pills less effective , but the nurse didn't tell me there were certain foods I should stay away from , just to take the pill with a meal .

And finally , Since I don't know what the yellow discharge is from , has anyone taken this exact dose for Trich , and it cured the Trich ?

Thank you so much !