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Metoprolol - will this drug show up in a drug screen?

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Marvell 24 Jan 2011

I am quite sure metoprolol won't show up in a drug test as a false positive for something else. And if you declare the fact that you are taking metoprolol it should be fine because it's not a medicine which you would abuse.

caringsonbj 24 Jan 2011

as Narvell told you it is not one of those drugs that would show up in a drug screen but one of the safest things you can do is remind your doctor that you are on this medication and also the people at the lab then should for some reason that shouldn't happen then they will be a record of you using this as part of you medication routine just want things to be well with you, one thing is for sure even if they wouldn't think of looking for finding it they will know that you are honest and want them to be aware of the situdation all the best free discount card

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