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Metoprolol - Why would my b/p readings be lower when taking 50mg per day instead of 100mg per day?

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Defector39 19 Oct 2015

Beta blockers like Metoprolol are better to control a fast heart rate or some kind of arrhythmia than to lower blood pressure. Better drugs exist now for high blood pressure but they still use some beta blockers after a heart attack, Coreg being one of the most use beta blocker especially after a heart attack or when someone have heart failure.

My personal experience with all the beta blockers I try and the fact that I'm taking now 75mg day of Metoprolol tartrate (immediate release form), sometimes my blood pressure will get on the low side like 100/60 (low for me) and some other days it will be very high like 160/100. I don't know why beta blockers are doing that, some day I will need only 50 mg and my heart rate will stay low and blood pressure will be also on the low side and sometimes 75mg will not lower my blood pressure at all and heart rate will stay high, sometimes 25 mg will make my heart rate drop to 50 when usually 50 mg almost do nothing. I guess it's depend of several factors like anxiety, level of stress, lack of sleep, emotional factors, some kind of foods can also reduce the action of the Metoprolol like high sugar food, caffeine, if you smoke it can also block the effect of the Metoprolol.

Beta blockers are old drugs and not the first line choice to treat high blood pressure anymore but they have their utility in some cardiovascular diseases.

Do you take the Slow release Metoprolol or the regular release one? For witch kind of heart related problems are you taking that med? free discount card

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