I had several EKG in the last year and one yesterday (have to have one before each appointment with my cardiologist) and 3 out of 4 of them show a first degree heart block, with a PR interval between 210 and 240.

Is it normal that the metoprolol cause a first degree heart block? I ask my cardiologist and he said that it was nothing serious or dangerous and just discharge me today seeing that he will not follow me anymore cause my heart seem ok BUT I still feel bad all the time with all the heart related symptoms, the chest pain, left arm pain and numbness, flutter and palpitations episodes. I also feel dizzy all the time and blood pressure is way more elevated on the left arm than the right arm.

Had a lot of heart tests done in the recent years and nothing bad was found. POTS and anxiety is the main reasons why I take the metoprolol cause without it my heart will be over 140 just standing.