I'm on a lot of meds for arthritis, fibro, migraines etc and have noticed (even though docs and pharmacists tell you differently) there IS a difference with some generics vs brand names. Some generics did not work at all, weren't as strong or caused awful reactions/side effects. Some are fine that are prescribed for other health issues but for certain things.. brand name works best. I know there only has to be a certain amount of the drug in generics then the filler can be totally different so it does make a big difference. I noticed it most in my migraine med.
My question is.. my daughter is 12 and has SVT. She has pretty bad episodes fairly often and has for 7 years or so. She just now is being put on metoprolol 50mg 1x/day. I rather her start out at a lower dose to see how she does but my question is for people that take it have you noticed a difference in side effects being better/worse with a certain generic of this med or getting brand name? With reviews I think it's a big help to state (instead of just the common name of med) state whether it is brand name or what generic name.. then how it did for you. Only because I know one brand or generic could work great or have no side effects but another could be horrible... and it's suppose to be same medication. It could cause someone to not try it or be scared to take it if it has an awful review but it could be just with that certain brand. With a certain migraine generic it was all over internet what it was doing to people, how it wasn't working and how horrible it was affecting people yet the brand name med was a miracle for people. Which the brand name has been the only med to help me (yet the generic was a nightmare). So for months I never knew what I was going to get, got a different awful generic every single month and felt horrible and migraines weren't controlled.. so now doc writes for brand name only so I don't run into getting a bad generic.

*So just curious as to if the negative side effects or reviews of metoprolol are with brand name or generics. If it is put in review if it is brand name or what generic instead of just common name of med that would be a big help to compare negative vs positive and to what brands. I do see when dose is increased above 25mg there are alot of complaints on side effects. Seems like 25mg once a day people seem to do fine.
Thank you!