I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse at age 20. I am now 35. I was on betapace for years but finally quit taking it. here recently.. about 2 months ago..i went to e.r. thinking i was having a heart attack an was told it was a panic attack. about a few wks later i went back again they told me the same thing... well i finally went to see my cardiologist an he told me it could be my mvp acting up an put me on this. This past sunday yet again to the e.r. and the same thing..panic attack an bp was up. so ive been on this medicine now for 4days. i get dizzy spells and thirsty alot. ive been changing my diet and only drinking mostly water. Heart problems run in my family an all this is scary to me. i am headed back to my cardiologist on the 18th to do a stress test and have an echo since its been years since ive had it done. im thinking of asking the dr if he will do a heart cath just to make sure i have no blockages. Any advice or opionions are welcome... thanks..an god be with all of you... melissa