I was doing well on methylphenidate but since it's been a year. doses are not working as much and I'm already at 60mg a day. I heard doeses can go to 80mg to 100 but note sure if thats correct, doctor probably wont give me that though. even sr only last like 4-5 hours, then one 20mg IR last like 2 hours. also, I noticed I'm not as productive as iuse to be. I already tried adderal and that didn't work, vyvanse worked good but maybe me talk and email people excessively. is there a medication for adhd that isnt a stimulant since I'm going to need a higher dose? Thinking about taking a week off of ritalin to make it work again? I already tried wellbutrin for a non stiumlant. messed with my moods. it really does work though well did. I could remeber things I was productive, now I just want to listen to music and sleep, thats it. feel like I'm wasting life away. already on ssri citrolopram for moods and thats helping with staying awake. now just need to be productive and I want to learn things but medication seems to get tolerent sicne I've been on it for a year