I have been taking this drug for 10 years everyday of my life, i am 44 years old now, it was prescribed to me because i was diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnolence, the drug has changed my life, give me the ability of bringing up my son as a single mum, running my own business and all the daily routine things that go with being a single mum, with out it, i was falling asleep 10 times a day, my life was a nightmare, imagine feeling drunk everyday of your life with out drinking, thats all i can describe it as, permanently feeling so tired you can hardly get off the sofa. I owe my life to this drug, BUT... everything that has happened in the last 5 years, really serious stuff like my fathers death, the relationship with my sons father finishing, the loss of my job due to my son's Autistic diagnoses, i feel nothing, i don't ever get very happy, but i also never feel very sad, i just get on with what ever happens, its like i am numbed to everything, my emotions are almost gone, i was just wondering if anyone else has symptoms like mine, and, if i where to stop taking the medication, will all these emotions come back to me with a vengeance.