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Is methylphenidate stronger than adderol?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Concerta vs Adderall: What's the difference between them?

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Inactive 18 Apr 2012

Ritalin, or methylphenidate, and Adderall, amphetamine salts, are completely differnent medications. Stronger than what? There is no way to dertermine which is stronger. If you have ADHD or ADD, patients are tried on many medications to try to help the symptoms of their disease.
Is there is an illegal and illicit market for these medication, there most certainly is. And unless you are taking medications prescribed for you and are found to be taking narcotics or othe controlled substance without a doctors prescription, this is a FELONY in the USA with prison time to be served.
If this was an innocent, knowledge only question, can't compare the two medications.
Peace out,
Sweet Hippie

Got2know 29 Apr 2012

Do you always post unhelpful answers? How disappoinring to click on a question i would appreciate knowing the answer to, only to read some ridiculous post :(

Inactive 29 Apr 2012

I answered her question. I also added the facts regarding possession of a controlled substance. That was just additional information. She could take it or leave it.
I personally have been on both meds, and there is no answer to which one is stronger. They are two distinctly different meds with different modes of action. Adderall is amphetamines and they speed up your whole self and quiet your mind. It made me sleepy.
Ritalin is like a mind speed that let's you concentrate on the task at hand. There is no simple comparison or answer.
Sorry if I offended you, since I myself have mental illness issues, I might have been in the wrong state of mind to give a nicer answer.
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