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Can methylphenidate help someone who has a low memorising ability?

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HeadStarter 28 Feb 2013

Hello kings and welcome to DC. That is an interesting question that begs for more information. For instance, what is your diagnosis? Have you tried other medications for ADHD? Basically, do you have a diagnosis of ADHD?

I want to say that the reason kids or young adults are prescribed this medication is because of "attention" issues... not necessarily for increasing ones ability to memorize material. The assumption would be then if your attention span were longer than you could study better but not necessarily help with ones memory.

In the past, I was prescribed Provigil which helped tremendously with my "alertness" and ability to maintain focus. It didn't help me memorize... it DID help with the desire to study and stay focused for long periods of time.

I hope my answer helps point you in good direction. Some of these meds have their drawbacks too. Just be aware of that. Some of them make one agitated or nervous or make it difficult to sleep at night. So taking them in the morning is important.

Be well and take good care of you.

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