like cexea somehting like that etc. I'm wondering because I'm on methylphenidate 20mg immediate release so I guess its IR doesn't say and even though doctors and internet say no more than 60mg a day should taken. I found htis below. I asked my doctor for the 40mg sustanined becuase my 20mg im last about a hour and a half. so I wanted to take 3-4 does of that but said will do the 40sr. But i heard even though it suppose to last 6=8 hours, half life is at 3.5 hours, so does that mean by 4 hours you need another dose? IR half life is at 1.5 and full peak at 2 hours in blood but then I need another dose. so I think I could handle 80mg a day but doctor will think I'm abusing it, so I iwll try SR but not sure how long it will last and the IR 20mg is perfect just doesnt ;ast long. so not sure how this is accurate.
on how 60mg is maximum dose when I found this below.

V.Dosing: Adults with ADHD or NarcolepsyA.Maximum total daily dose: 90 mg
B.Regular Release: 5 to 20 mg PO bid to tid at meals
C.Sustained Release: 20 mg PO up to q8 hours