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Is methyl predlisolone safe for a dibetic patient?

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kaismama 5 Feb 2014

It would not be used lightly, because its not that safe a med. It will push the blood sugar up. A diabetic on it has to watch it closely.

comeoffit 5 Feb 2014

Hi there,Prednisolone caused my diabetes as it does with a lot of people who are using it,It is a horrible drug but i had to take it due to inflamed organs and then became diabetic,When i was discharged from hospital my doctor,( who is brilliant ) Started tapering me immediately.It is a dodgy drug but can be useful for a variety of things,Even severe asthma,Although it is meant to be short term for that.

kaismama 5 Feb 2014

Its terrible, but it can be lifesaving when nothing else would work.

endlessPred 11 Feb 2014

I totally agree. However, many other meds will also cause diabetes. I happen to be on two of them. Unfortunately my inflammatory disease does not respond properly without the prednisone. I am on pred sparing medication to reduce the amount. When it is no other choice, one decides and goes from there. My doctor kept me alive. We all have a story.

comeoffit 12 Feb 2014

Hi endlesspred,Fortunately i no longer have to take pred but i am now on another interactive :( Seroquel , I know this is for my psychiatric side but it's played havoc with my type 2,Sent me into 13s from steady 6-7s,But like you pointed out before its when we need the drugs and the seroquel is not ideal but does help me,I would like to stay on it for mental reasons but not happy with them bloods from diabetes? Take care and i hope your inflammatory is as good as it can be :)

endlessPred 13 Feb 2014

Just check with your endo to be sure adjustments aren't needed. Mine do get adjusted from time to time because of prednisone changes, infection, and various other meds. Keep your meter handy and let the doctor know. Clad you are finished with the pred. I think you made a good choice keeping the mood med. as an open option. Hope it makes you start feeling better soon. free discount card

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