I am on my 2nd week of methotrexate for my psoriatic arthritis. My dermatologist started me, the first week, on 3/2.5mg tablets once a week, followed by a folic acid pill 1mg/once a day.
I've been reading all the question and answer forums on the drug and I am so nervous about taking it!!! Today starts the second week. I am to take 6/2.5mg pills once this week. Can I break up the dosage? Should I take all 6 the same day? At the same time? I find it difficult to live with the psoriasis flare ups, pain-full and then the added arthritis that goes along with it!
Do any others take this for psoriasis/ psoriatic arthritis?? I'm so new to this medication and hoping that I can learn from people who've experienced it longer.