I Have had psoriasis for about 3 years I Have tried no end of creams none really work. Have explained to my specialist and nurses that the creams and gloves with cream don't really work. I don't get flaky skin, I get very thick skin on all my fingers thumbs also around the sides of my palm and the thumb muscle on my palm which split open and bleed quite a lot. I was on methotrexate tablets but I really couldn't handle them they made me so ill. so i was put on sulphasalazine which didn't work now i've just started back on methotrexate injections and the side effects aren't so bad. My wife tells me off because i sit in the bath and when the skin goes wrinkly I peel it off in big lumps which leaves quite sore but i get a lot less splits and bleeds. its worst on the heel of my palms and finger tips. dose any one have any tips hints or tricks. I also have COPD, NAFLD as well psoriasis ans psoriatic arthritis.