i take 10mg of methotrexate weekly but have been having a few problems recently, i noticed i have been in a really bad mood after taking them but last night was my worse, after taking my tablets i normally go to bed but where i normally go straight to sleep, i couldn't drop of, as my body kept telling me to wake up, but after finally going to sleep i woke up in shock as i couldnt breathe, as i was panicking as didn't know what was happening shoved my fingers down my throat as i felt it was blocked, and found it was my tongue, within seconds i was vomiting fluids all over, after about 5 minutes of being sick and struggling for breathe, i sat in front of a fan to help me get air and breathe, after that i could not sleep for the fear it could happen again, after several attemps to get back sleep i finally managed but have awoke this morning with a really bad head ache,, loss my appetite for food and my body is aching, is all this common? as i never suffered with any of this before i started taking these tablets??