I am 24, I have an unspecified auto immune disease, which causes uveitis in both eyes. I have been? on pred drops for four years. Because of the cataract risk they are suggesting Methotrexate to suppress the system and stop the eyes flaring up. I do not have any of the symptoms in the eyes, but suffer extreme fatigue during flares and the lead up, requiring weeks off work. However, I cannot afford to stop working and I work in a restaurant where people are often coming in with cold and flu, and I catch it often already. I worry that I cannot afford not to work during treatments, and am unsure if it is the right thing for me to do. perhaps I just put up with the drops, try prednisone and have the cataract surgery every few years if that is needed. I'm young, I need to find a better career, and I cannot get ahead in life if I start a journey on Metho' I don't know how many years I could be on it. I would like to work with dogs too. If it is going to stop that plan from going ahead, making me too tired to work any job, and too fragile to be around people and their germs, I don't know that this is the right thing for me. Can anyone give some advice? My doctors are rather vague. Trying to sum up between, taking the medicine, seeking an end result much better where the eyes are protected and i can find remission from needing constant eye drops. Versus maintaining a normal, working lifestyle, in the career I want to be in, taking the hit of the flare ups, with their minimal symptoms, no pain, no redness etc. just a little milky vision when its very bad, and planning to be able to sleep through my fatigue during those times, and having the cataract surgery as needed. Because honestly at the moment, I feel like ill get nowhere in life and feel worse on this medicine.