My mom has mrsa, it was dx immediately after... (maybe during) a bronchoscopy for a lung cancer dx. The oncologist just mentioned the long word, I had to ask him to repeat what he said. Even then, nothing was said as far as precautions (careful to not catch or spread it, or make sure you let your other care providers know.. etc). Four wks later she was hospitalized for neutropenia and she received 2 pts of blood while she was there. Nobody spoke word of mrsa during her 4 day stay. During those 4 days one person was fully gowned, a student, who said if her supervisor caught them ungowned, gloved, masked, theyd be in big trouble. All of the other nurses, food servers, lab workers, xray techs, and patient care attendants, and visitors simply wore masks. Her door was marked 'reverse isolation'

Is this appropriate?

They were giving her chemo since she was dx lung cancer with the bronchoscopy. She has a mass 7cm x 8 cm in her upper left lung. All seem to agree its cancer but one Dr mentioned a collapsed lung, another one mentioned pneumonia, and another one said he wasn't sure it was pneumonia...

I thought chemo was keeping her sick but now I wonder if it hasnt been the mrsa all along. Should they have told us more about her strain of mrsa? And, I read blood mrsa and pneumonia mrsa are often deadly... should we seek 2nd opinoins asap? Lastly, is it true mrsa is never cured and if so, is chemo likely to keep landing her with a new mrsa infection? thank you