... while living on the big Island in Hawaii. When he came back to the mainland, he and his then fiancé lived with my husband and me for about a year. We had separate bathrooms and aside from a daily hug, we did not have much physical contact. Somehow, however, I caught the MRSA from my son. It started as a tiny pimple-like sore at the entrance to my nasal passages, just above my lip. At first, I thought it was a pimple and I put toothpaste on it at bedtime in an attempt to dry up the pimple. That turned out to be a very bad idea, and it was very painful the next day and for several days after.
I was able to continue going to work and doing my job, but I was continually complaining about having this little tiny pimple (that hurt) at my age.
At the end of my workday on about the third day, one of my coworkers was standing above me at the printer and looking down at me. She asked me if I knew that my nose and lip were swollen, which I did not! I began to call my doctors office immediately, but kept getting a voicemail for some reason. I got off work about an hour later and continued to call my doctors office on my way home. When I arrived home, I showed my husband the swelling on my face and he said I should go immediately to the doctors office, which I did. My doctors office finally called me back when I was on my way there and told me to come in. Of course I said I'll be there in 10 minutes because I'm already on my way. The doctor gave me a prescription for some sort of antibiotic, but after several days it was not working in fact the store was getting more painful and the swelling worse.
On Friday, which is about four days from the beginning of the whole thing, my husband had an appointment for a colonoscopy, which had been scheduled months in advance. We had both taken vacation days, so I was not willing to go to the emergency room for myself until he was taken care of. On that day, my face was so swollen that I looked like some sort of monster! On the way to the hospital where my husband was getting his colonoscopy, I was practicing pulling my lip in so I didn't look so horrible because I didn't want to scare the other patients. I made it through the day; however, I almost fainted when they showed me the pictures of my husband's colonoscopy results. I nearly asked him to move over and let me lay down next to him in the recovery room!
I took my husband home, and we slept that night, but woke up early the next morning and my face was swollen worse than ever! My husband took me to the emergency room, and I was immediately admitted. The doctor immediately diagnosed me with MRSA and put me on an IV of the most powerful antibiotic (I think it was Versed). I spent about six days in the hospital in isolation (a beautiful private room with a view of Newport Harbor). Too bad I was too sick to enjoy it!
On my last day in the hospital, gave to me to procedure room and opened and drained the sore in my nose. Even though I was on powerful pain meds, it hurt like hell!
They sent me home with orders to stay in bed for another two or three weeks, while taking what I think was Bactrim (on a very very high dose) for the next couple of weeks. I was so sick I thought I might die, and I remained in bed the entire time. It turned out to be a blessing that my husband had been laid off from his job and was able to stay home and nurse me back to health! (Isn't it funny how these things happen?)
Because I had very good insurance health insurance and my son had no insurance, he was not able to get the excellent medical treatment that I obtained. I was admitted to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, which is a wonderful hospital where I have been to the ER on many occasions! The doctor was amazing and very knowledgeable! Whereas, my son had been treated numerous times at public health clinics both in Hawaii and here in California. His infections had been on his knee, and the sore that he would get was huge, filled with pus, and terribly painful, yet all they would do was give him a regular antibiotic which would merely treat the symptoms temporarily. The specialist I had been assigned through my insurance was nice enough to treat my son and his fiancé through me, and then my son would give their doctor at the health clinic the instructions my doctor had given me to relay. Evidently, my son's doctor was giving his fiancé and him a very low dose of Bactrim, while I was on a huge dose, even though my son is taller and weighs more than me. My doctor had instructed in the beginning that everyone in my household be tested for MRSA. (My son and his fiancée tested positive, while my husband tested negative.) This all happened about 10 years ago. At that time, I was told that I would always test positive for MRSA. I thought that that meant I was a carrier as well, but I'm not sure about that. I'm sharing my experience in the event that possibly someone could be helped by reading this. If I had put off going to the ER any longer, I just might have died!