any meds for it until I was 34 yrs. old and hospitalized for suicidal depression which I was diagnosed with at 26 yrs. I was tested up and down and finally put on generic Adderall, 40-60 mgs. alternating days. I have been on it for 17.5 yrs. I am not experiencing any relief on it since September, 2014. I am panicking and feeling terrible and I feel I have nothing to look forward to, feel no pleasure or happiness even though my mate is amazing and we are blessed in so many ways. I tried dextroamphetamine with no change and suggested to my psychiatrist that methamphetamine hcl was being used for ADD as well. I said that I would try generic Adderall 60mgs./day ("Barr" brand). No relief or change either. I had a months Rx and a lot going on with relatives coming to visit, etc., and called my doc, to which he replied that he couldn't do anything for me for three weeks. I wasn't asking for him to do anything at that moment as I knew he was bound until the 30 day Rx was finished (time-wise). I just wanted to know that he would write the methamphet hcl. for me and in knowing that I would at least know that I would (hopefully) have some relief in approx. 3 weeks. He said yes that he would. Well, last week I went to see him, found out everything about my insurance coverage, etc. and he said that he didn't feel "comfortable" writing it for me because it was so close to crystal methamphetamine. I was so disappointed. I said that I would try a week on generic Ritalin, to no avail. I just got generic Vyvanse 50 mg./day and changed from 300mgs daily of generic Wellbutrin to 20mgs. generic Prozac (to be gradually increased over weeks) which has always been a real literal "life-saver" for me with feeling suicidally depressed. I don't know where to turn. Starting this today I of course don't feel any better yet and don't know if I should start looking for another doctor or what. [I am sure that will be hell trying to find a doc that will write methamphetamine hcl for me.] I live in Fort Myers, Florida and am now 51 yrs. old. Does anyone have any suggestions or help in finding a psychiatrist that will write it for me, if the generic Vyvanse is not any help?
-Tray in Fort Myers, Florida.