A consumer has been placed on a Methadone program for exceeding the reccomedded amount of pain relif for a head ache. The pain relief was ibiprofen and paracetemol and when the consumer tried tom stop the headaches went cronic and was though to be a major withdrawl symptom which some no doubt was. The patient stabilized on 105mg and this stopped the headaches untill a month later they came back even worse.All the migrain drugs had been tried in the past and Topamax was tried and then doubled and this worked for the headache 2 x 50 mg daily.The consumer reduced down to 95mg and was very sic the two weeks each 5mg a week reduction .The consumer feels very ill and is alergic to anti nausia medication as he had Hodgkins Lymphoma when he was 21 then relapced and had radiation first time round, second time chemotherapy.The consumer is determined to come of methadone for many reasons, health, stigma, finance, stress on family, life style effects, interaction with other meds, many other side effects. Would like to go cold turkey except the only facility in south australia has a standard wher you need to be 30mg before you can go in and detox with proffesional care and medication. The consumer had a beer bottle cmashed over the front of his head at age 18 and about 20 mounths ago a man broke his nose with out notice and was knocked out which we think is wher the problem may stem from. We are waitin g for a Neoro Psychiartritst 6months to 3 years wait for an mri as a ct looked fine.Medications the patient is also on throxine 100mcg 150 every other day (radio threpy killed of the gland) methadone, acimax for reflux Topamax 50mg x2 daily, use of phenergan a antihistamine to help with sleep and nausia.Please everyone out there this person has had one hell of a life and when he has been well he has worked and volunteered for charity, He seems strong but I feel he is running out of strength and he is only 30 years old alone and strugles with every day life.

Kindest warmest regards