I've been on methadone for over 8 years (after a long and painful battle w/ painkillers) and I have to admit that it has helped me. I have finished school for the first time in my life and now do heart ultrasounds (echocardiography). But now I'm ready to get off and tired of being chained to methadone. I've tapered down from 135 mg to 39 mg over about a year's time. About a year ago, I tapered down from 85 mg to about 30 mg in one week's time and went to the doc to get on subutex. Needless to say, I was thrown into immediate withdrawals that were the absolute worst I have ever had. Immediately, I started puking and had diarrhea. I couldn't move and layed there with sweat pouring off of me. It hurt to BREATHE even. I can't even describe how terrible this was. The doc said she didn't know why this happened b/c she had given me subutex, not suboxone and prescribed me some librium to get throught the withdrawals and put me back on the methadone immediately. It took a good 24 hours to feel like I wasn't dying.

It's a year later now and I have slowly tapered off the methadone instead of doing it fast and I plan to get on the subutex next week. I need to know if anyone knows what I should do to prepare and how to avoid the problems I had previously. Any help or info would be great.