I have a question. I have searched the internet and have discovered different results. On Wed. 6/2/10 I am to switch to Subutex from Methadone. I started taking Methadone wafers for recreational use about 7 mo's ago. I got up to 30 mgs 5-6 days a week and needless to say, became addicted. I stopped for 11 days and on Wed (this week) I had to take 10 mgs. I woke up in a cold sweat on Thursday and increased the dose to 15 mgs and have been on that since. If someone could answer this and know for sure the answer their giving and not be heresay, I would greatly appreciate it. Do I need to be in withdraw on Wed when I switch to Subutex or no? Also, how many hours need to have lapsed since I last took Methadone before the switch. Any help would be appreciated. When I talked to the Dr's offc, they didn't say or I failed to hear it one. I would call the Dr's offc but this is Sunday and this is Memorial Day weekend which means they won't be there on Monday. Please help!!!