The nerves in my hands are dieing, from over 30+ years of heavy air tool and machine uses. I have had over 5 surgeries on my hands and all have failed and if that's not bad enough the scar tissue makes it worse.

We live in a small town and the quality of Dr.'s around here are D's-E's (meaning all the A-B-C's work in the big city's and the fancy hospitals)

So when we moved here I was glad to here that there was a Dr. that was a Harvard grad., But as I found out later he has been tagged for over scripting before we moved here and instead of correcting his ways, he now just scripts the safe way.

So anyways..
I have been on all the hydro's, 10mg.Oxycodone's, tramadol, percocet, cymbalta made things worse for me), all forms of Gabapentin, dilaudid, t3's, demerol,darvocet, When I go into surgery, they give me a shot of fentanyl, which works for a short time. All the opiates just gave me the jitters.

It's the equivalency to eating dirt.

Is There Something Wrong with Me?

I've started the 5mg. methadone x 3 a day last night, I found that It turned me into a super insomniac and did not feel any pain relief.
Is this normal for Meth.? Does it take awhile for a build up before it works? Is it going to act like the opiates and give me the jitters?

Any help would be helpful!