I notice many people refer to methadone in "mg" but some of my friends are on it for oxycontin addiction and they take a single daily dosaeage of a certain amount of "ML"... I'm confused why it's refered to in both measurments... Specifaclly I'm asking because one of my friends is on 100 ML once daily and his girlfriend is on 40 ML once daily... Are both of their "drinks" the same potency, with his just containing more ML, therefor containing more of the medication, or is his drink more potent all together... Or in other words, could she drink 40 ML of his 100 ML drink or is there more methadone in his drink... Basically what I'm wondering is how do the "drinks" get made... Is it all created in one big batch and then dispersed to people in the amount of ML that they each need, or is there a different amount of medication all together in each persons "drink"??