The worst feeling ever,

I do know how it feels to be in withdrawal from methadone because last year I was on 80mgs and I had to go to the er one nite because I had the worst stomache pain ever and the nurse ended up giving me morphine via iv and after 2 shots it really wasn't helping the pain so she decided to give me "something stronger" she said and as soon as it went in the iv, I felt like I was dying and she then asked if i was on any meds and I told her methadone and she was like " omg,your in severe w/d rite now,just calm down ok" . Let me tell you she gave me 10mgs of nubain and you can't mix it w/methadone and I was in the worst w/d ever. She actually told me I almost died it was that bad and inorder to stabilize me they had to give me shot after shot of morphine and deludid which obviously could have put me into an OD so I was very lucky to wake up the next day. I was high as hell for 3 days after that and it was awful and this is the main reason why i'm so afraid and want to get off the methadone becuase I don't want to be in a situation like that again.

I'm currently on 120mgs per day and i'm doing great but I want off already. It's things like what I went through in the hospital that scare me the most about being on methadone because there are so many drugs that can interact badly w/methadone and so many dr's and nurses are not very educated on methadone treatment which makes it worse.

Anyway,what is the best way to start coming off the methadone so I won't get sick and feel little pain as possible?