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Methadone help - I need to get on subs how long do I havta wait, Im on everything now?

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LaurieShay 6 Jul 2011

Hey Marmar,

In order to transition from methadone to suboxone/subutex you need to taper down to 30mgs or less methadone a day and then wait at least 72 hours from the last dose of methadone before taking the suboxone or subutex. If you don't do it this way, you risk going into precipitated withdrawals which is extremely painful to say the least.

What do you mean when you say that you are on everything now?

Best wishes,


Marmar7 6 Jul 2011

I was droped frm methadone @ 95 and its been 2weeks but i want to taper but was droped!!! I want to be clean but! I want to get on sub strips i was on methadone for 2 yrs :( clean for tha 2 yrs :) im VERY upset!!!

LaurieShay 6 Jul 2011

Hey marmar,

You must have been through some aweful withdrawals the past couple of weeks if you were dropped from 95 mgs. I feel for you. If it has been 2 weeks since your last dose of methadone, you could start on Suboxone now. You would need to find a doctor that is certified to prescribe it and I must say that it is expensive. To locate a doctor you can go to the site and use the doctor locater search window.

If there is anything else I can do, just let me know, I'm here if you need to talk,


Marmar7 8 Jul 2011

Thank you for ur advice laurie :) Im now felling alot better an am NOT doing everything :) Its hard to get on here so Ill just say thanx for ur sympothy!!! But I really just wanta get off everything an nething!!! I HATE DRUGS!!! THANX

LaurieShay 8 Jul 2011

You are welcome marmar, and keep in touch. free discount card

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