My fiance and I have both been addicted to methadone for over a year now. We take between 30-60mg daily depending on how much we have. We have both wanted to quit them but as you know (if you've been down this road) it's the hardest drug to come off of in the world. It's hell. I went to a sub dr last week and she wouldn't help me because I've tried sub twice and then got on m.d. for pain. My fiance went today to a dr. He went 36+ hours without methadone and was in withdrawals. He took a total of 6mg at the dr office and was told to come back tomorrow for a prescription and increase in his dose. He is now in precipitated withdrawal. He feels like he is going to explode. I called his dr and he told him maybe sub wasn't "for him" and to take methadone tomorrow. Well after 4 hours of hell, he took 30mg of methadone to get some sort of relief. I am so discouraged that we are having so many roadblocks getting off of these pills. It is the one thing in life that we haven't been able to beat. I would like some words of encouragement to anyone who has gotten off of methadone, or anyone who successfully went from methadone to subs. How can we do this? He works and I go to school & we have a large family to take care of. We want to be free from this addiction so badly. It's like being trapped in your own life. It's awful.