What were your experiences/side-effects ??? I am also on methadone.
I started treatment through OATC (Ontario Addiction Treatment Center) about a year ago to save myself from my addiction to opiate drugs, mostly oxycontin or heroin, but pretty much whatever I could get to keep 'well'. I am on a MMT program and currently take a dose daily in drink form at 105mg. of methadone. Since I have been on the program I have been taking the counselling services provided and even trying out "NA" meetings, all things are looking bright for me now except... my non-existent sex drive. I used to think of sex all the time such as most other males whether they would admit it or not, but after being treated for awhile my need to engage in sex or even think about it decreased more and more. It has become somewhat of a difficult problem for me considering im only 24 years old and in my prime, I was embarrased to seek help but eventually confronted my doctor for help and he sent me for blood tests. Apparently my testosterone levels were very low for someone my age and size, (6'4", 206lbs.) he prescribed me a drug that I will be injected with tomorrow morning, I cant remember the name but i think it is Detesterol or something like that, it is basically a testosterone hormone supplement. I want to know if any other guys or girls who have been treated for the same problem could give me some advice and maybe let me know what to expect. Did it help you? Thanks in advance.