I am now 26 days off methadone and 60 days off valium. time stands still !!! I don't know if anyone has any advice for me but I've been through hell and still feel awful. Never will I go through this again because it almost killed me. A bad doctor tried to detox me with benzo's and got me hooked on two drugs instead of one. Benzo's are worse, don't take them over a few days. Went to the hospital in the middle of w/d's with chest pain. I told them I was detoxing and no benzo's or opioid's. They gave me tramadol !!! Pure poison !!! I took 40- 50 mg. over two weeks because they said it wasn't an opioid . Made me feel 100x worse because I was w/d from three medications. Don't take Tamadol for any reason unless you want to die!!! The w/d's come in waves still. Hot shower helps for rls and muscle aches for about an hour. I only thought I was sick before the Tramadol. It showed me a whole new way of suffering. If anyone needs help with detox i'm around,maybe.